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We believe part of the school experience includes learning to be appropriate and adhere to the expectations of wherever you are at any given time.  In the school setting, we believe it’s important to lessen the chance of unnecessary distraction by dressing appropriately for the school day.  Our current interpretation of that means that students are free to wear clothing they like and feel comfortable in as long as the styles fit appropriately as designed, are free of rips, holes, tears, and other forms of despair, and do not contain logos larger than an adult fist or contain images or messages that may cause an unnecessary distraction.  Tops and bottoms can be of any color and may have a pattern such as a plaid or floral design.  We ask that students not wear graphic tee’s to prevent unnecessary distractions, and overly revealing clothing styles are not permitted.  Remember, the idea is to come to school as a student ready to participate in school activities above all other possibilities.  If you have time, peruse the school dress code found in the School Board tab - Policies (Reference Policy 504)

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