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The mission of New Heights School is to inspire and challenge each individual to reach his or her full potential.

Our K-12 program is uniquely designed so schoolwork is completed at school allowing time at home to be devoted to family, friends, hobbies or other outside interests. 

Why New Heights?

No-Homework Policy

Classes are structured to allow students time to complete assignments at school rather than taking them home. This approach provides students with the support needed to be successful, while significantly reducing unnecessary school-related stress at home.


Academic Standards

New Heights offers a standards-based curriculum, which is taught in a more relaxed, relational way.  Students in grades 6-12 take traditional “general” courses, including: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Art each year, as well as a variety of elective offerings, while elementary students follow a traditional K-5 curriculum emphasizing reading, writing and math.



Strong relationships are a huge part of enjoying the school experience.  The small environment at New Heights affords students the unusual opportunity to form and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with classmates and teachers alike.  These relationships are at the core of the program, and are what truly separates New Heights from other programs in the local area.

Serving the Entire Family

New Heights is a unique K-12 program.  Families can have students enrolled at various ages, all riding the same bus and attending school during the same time each day.  This can provide huge relief to families with day-care issues, or transportation issues as they relate to school.  Parents can have all of their children enrolled in one school with the same philosophy, same leadership, and same teaching staff.

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