Distance Learning Plan

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has announced school buildings will remain closed from March 30 through the end of this school year as a result of the world-wide impact of COVID-19. During this time, New Heights will be delivering instruction through distance-learning; simply meaning that students will continue to receive instruction and materials largely through Google Classroom. Students must login or have some form of contact with their teacher(s) each day, as that will be the continued method for tracking daily attendance. In rare instances, students may receive learning packets to complete during this time, but will need to communicate this need to the school so and arrange for pick-up or delivery if necessary. These students/parents must also make daily contact with teacher(s) via email or phone to record attendance.  Students/Families not in contact with the school will be recorded as “absent” for that school day and the school will follow its attendance policy for extensive absence. For more information on expectations during this time, please see the Distance-Learning Plan for elementary and secondary students below:  



Elementary students, grades K-5, are expected to login to Google Classroom for attendance and are required to engage in daily online learning activities. Students will use their Gmail account and password in order to access Google Classroom. In addition, students may be asked to use various online tools to meet curriculum standards. These tools may include and are not limited to MobyMax, Seesaw, Kahoot and other pertinent resources.  Families should expect frequent/daily communication from teachers and will have access to the teachers through a variety of means.  Teachers will schedule electronic meetings for small groups and individuals and various times each week.  Teachers will make themselves available to any family at times convenient or necessary for families to ensure that each student will have an equitable opportunity to be successful during this complicated time.



Secondary students, grades 6-12, are expected to login to Google Classroom each day to view assignments and complete the activities provided be each of his or her teachers. Learning resources will be posted by each teacher for every school day during the distance-learning period; some teachers may be providing lessons for multiple days and the instructions will guide students as to how much of the work they should do each day. Students should also communicate with each of their teachers daily, which may be as simple as having two-way communication through email or by doing the work assigned in Google Classroom, allowing the teachers to see evidence that the student I working on assignments and is making progress. 


Families requiring packets will have to establish a system of communication for attendance since attendance during this time will largely be taken electronically.  Each teacher must have communication from each student similar to the way that each teacher is required to take attendance for each class in normal conditions. Staff will inform parents and students of their hours of availability, which will likely vary from teacher-to-teacher during this time.

Some teachers may work to gather full classes or small groups to login at the same time and participate in class discussions or forums through Google Meet, but recognizing that all students of a class will not have the same tools, skills, or access to technology as all other students, this may prove to be inequitable. 


The school is continuously working to ensure that all students have an equitable opportunity to participate in all academic opportunities, either through the use of technology, packet work, and having work modified for those who are identified as having special needs.  Parents have contact info for all teachers and the administration through the school’s website located at: https://www.newheightsschool.com/staff-directory.

Our website also has a comprehensive collection of the correspondence sent out to families since the advent of the Covid 19 issue.

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