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Philip Ragan


I attended college at UND in Grand Forks, ND where I got a B.S.Ed. in Secondary Science, a B.S. in Physics, and a B.F.A. in Ceramics. In 2016 I moved to Carbondale, IL to attend graduate school at SIU for Ceramics. I earned my M.F.A. in 2019, then moved back to Minnesota to begin my first high school teaching job at a small charter school in Northern MN. I taught science at that school for 4 years before moving down to the Stillwater area. 

At some point in my 24 years of being a student, I realized I just really love learning new things. Now, as a teacher, I love helping others find that same joy in learning something new by being curious about the world around them.

When I’m not getting overly excited about the science behind the little things in life, you can find me making weird sci-fi ceramic sculptures or training in Karate.

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