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Students in elementary programs are offered an integrated program of core academic subjects taught by our staff of experienced and caring licensed educators.  This program emphasizes small class sizes, generally with fewer than 20 students per class- and an academic approach to education that is both personalized and nurturing.

Basic Features

  • Students enrolled at New Heights typically show dramatic growth and improvement in areas once considered difficult for them.

  • New Heights offers smaller class sizes, hands-on learning opportunities, more one-to-one student attention, specialized instruction for students in need, and programs designed to encourage students to pursue their interests.

  • Elementary students may be scheduled with the same teacher for two or more years.  This provides stability, continuity, and the opportunity for older students to assume leadership roles within their classrooms.

  • New Heights School offers all-day kindergarten.

New Heights School offers secondary students in grades 6-12 a flexible but traditional school program that places a strong emphasis on the basics.

Basic Features
  • Typical courses offered each year include English, math, history, science, physical education, and health.  Computer based courses and other electives are offered in select years.

  • The classes and curriculum at New Heights School are designed to provide students with the opportunity to acquire and refine the skills they will need to be successful both as students and members of the community.

  • Qualifying students may be eligible to enroll in college courses during their junior and/or senior years as part of the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program offered by the State of Minnesota.

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